Travels to Europe, almost in stand by

Europe has always been one of the main destinations for travellers from all over the world. The culture, history, monuments, traditions and gastronomy have been just some of the claims for all the visitors.

It does not matter which country you choose, Europe is an outdoor museum. Monuments, buildings and landscapes will talk about a deep past that attract each year millions of tourist for enjoying antique ages.

Spain, with the sun and beaches; France, with the wine and gastronomy; Italy with the history and the landscapes; United Kingdom with the politeness and traditions…but don’t forget other countries like Germany, Portugal, Greece, Bulgary, Norway… The huge heritage in this called Old Continent is the main reason to bet for a trip here.

Anyway, with the latest terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, the truth is that, although travellers still come to this part of the world, the caution is also instaured in some of them, that prefer to wait until this situations are almost forgotten.

The truth is that, during last years, this continent has been really injuried by the attacks. Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels have suffered in their own streets the cruelty of a non understood religion. But this also has economical consecuences.

Traveleres still bet for these destinations, it is true. The security in airports and in the rest of the European streets is almost a guarantee for tourists to stay calm. People can visit any place without having the fear of an inminent attack.

But also, the data talks. While during last years there were more tourist, since the latest attacks, people seem to be careful and are waiting to see the new months calm before arriving to a precious and unique destination.

Now, it is time to plan the summer holidays and Europe will let you enjoy with many diffent plans that suit any type of plan you have in mind. Do not hesitate in betting for a place that will became unforgettable for you. The terror is not part of the European soul, and not even part of the European life.

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