Travel2be takes you to the American archaeological sites

America is always one of the main destinations according to Travel2be last surveys. If you take a look to the type of offer you will find in the Latin countries you will change your opinion. Not everything is just beach, there are many other travels you can make, starting with the history ones.

This part of the world is full of many leyends and many archaeological monuments you can try to understand. And yes, we say understand as there are many mysteries that are still alive.

Following the best offers of the Internet in webs like Travel2be we want to recommend you three of those.

Three archaeological places in America to visit

The first one we are going to talk about is located in Mexico. Tulum was once part of the commercial trade of the Mayans. It is a city dedicated to the Goddes Venus and you can still enjoy by visiting their temples or even one of the most famous observatories of this part of the world. Moreover, you can also spend a nice day in Playa del Carmen, one of the best Mexican beaches that is located just 45 minutes far from Tulum. Imagine yourself there, in one of the most famous archaeological places of the southern Caribbean.

Let’s continue in El Salvador. There you can travel in time to about 21 centuries. We are going to show you Tazumal, where the indigenous people lived and where you can find important testimonies like the Casa Blanca or the Trapiche. But not just that, you can also have a walk while watching the marvellous piramids, ball game space or even temples that will show you the type of life they used to live.

Finally, we want to take a look to Peru. Specifically to Pachacamac as this country has many other examples of archeological sites.

When we put our eye on Pachacamac we are visiting one of the most important ones of all the country as, time ago, this was one of the main oracles of this Andinian place, where everyone went to this site to hear its opinions and predictions. It was also said that this was the real creator of the everything.

Would you like to travel to all this sites? It is easy. You just have to find more info about what type of site would you like to visit and, then, find the best offers to fly to this destinations in travel agencies like Travel2be.

America is waiting for you to show the best historical places, but also the most beautiful nature, the best low cost flights and the best gastronomical option.

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