New itineraries for the Disney Cruise

Can you imagine spending a trip in an unique boat with all the leisure related to the Disney films? Well, it is possible if you make your booking in a Disney Cruise.

Moreover, during last days the new itineraries of the boat have been reveiled. Some of the new destinations for 2017 will make this magical boat arrive to places like Alaska and more and new European destinations.

For the first time in the history of this cruise, it will arrive to the Hubbart Glacier, in Alaska, a destination for adventurers but with all the comfortabilities that you will be able to enjoy in this luxury trip. We are not talking about nothing but  the largest and most active tidewater glacier in North America, a place to see the real Alaskan beauty and the type of nature and outdoor activities you can enjoy there.

Amsterdam will be another port for this cruise if you choose the European version. Imagine the possibilities to discover one of the most popular cities in Europe for all type of travellers. You will enjoy by visiting some of the most famous monuments in the city.

Apart from this, Stonehenge will also be part of this journey that will start in Port Canaveral and will finish the trip in Copenhague after many other interesting stops like the ones we are talking about.

Anyway, maybe you want to try other of the routes that can be operated by these cruises: Bahamas, Caribbean Sea, Panama Channel, Mexico, California… choose one, but decide it soon as there are many people interested in this type of familiar and original getaway.

During your sea journeys, you can also enjoy with the many shows and services on board like the spa, or even many concerts. We can assure you that the little ones can enjoy a lot with this type of leisure cruise.

Although they are not really affordable for all the pockets, it worth the effort as they are unique. You can take a look in their page to see all the information and decide the one you would like to enjoy.

¡Let’s cruise!

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