Monetary assets versus wealth management

Looking to next year ‘s financial observers are making their bets to see which products will best output and profitability in the markets are .

After a turbulent 2014 , marked by constant changes in valuations in any of the major investment products, it is important to make real analysis to know what could be most profitable for 2015 and which products will guarantee capital from investors offering some profitability in the short , medium and long term.

Some of the options are ignored pass through comparisons between various types of investment. Here we present the option to monetary assets versus wealth management .

To define what are the monetary assets , we should speak of financial assets issued in the short term and, of course , available liquidity.

What to include in these products? Treasury bills or bonds are the main , rather than for short-term investor can benefit just for liquidity and safety they provide.

On the other hand, any investment policy based wealth management consists of a diversified portfolio with numerous financial products , among which could be found earlier and which is managed by a professional to define the times and what are the best options market at all times.

The main advantage of this type of investment, which has traditionally been chosen by wealthy families and also for businesses that had a close relationship with banks is that you can change the investment plan at any time and in the best interests of ultimate benefit of the client.

Furthermore, the legal and tax advice also encompass focused investments so that they can go doubly benefited using the times and the laws in mind to avoid large fiscal year-end taxes when you declare investments .

The new indicators and waiting for news from institutions such as the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve banks or countries that are now in the time of change of not only monetary policy but as Japan, China and Russia, among others, make the person who decides to invest , consider that it will be more necessary than ever to hire a consultant able to anticipate market movements and trends.

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