Mariano Pelizzari, from Travelgenio a veteran online travel agency “customers satisfaction is our goal”

Travelgenio´s CEO - Mariano PelizzariCurrently, Travelgenio has presence in mainly all the European countries, their results are growing year by year and now the company is thinking in the next step: the arrival to Southamerica.

A veteran online travel agency? Well, yes in experience, not in history. In only 3 years (it was created by Mariano Pelizzari in 2010), Travelgenio has grown in an exponential way both in bookings and services.

Their motto is to give a personalized attention to their customers, and, with last improvements in their customer service, it seems that they still have this commitment.

Among the most requested services Travelgenio has, you will find the selling of plane tickets, the transfers and hotels reservations or the assurances. If Mariano Pelizzari is proud of something is for the easy searcher they have, where information in updated constantly and where prices are clear from the very first moment.

It seems that this year has been really important: European expansion, staff growing, new headoffices…

Sure. During this year Travelgenio has had many important changes. This is because of the trust our customers have on us and because everyday more and more pleople choose our services. The work we make everyday is sucessful as it is shown in our results (the number of bookings is increasing year by year) and that motivates us to improve the value proposal and the customer service.

What is the key to success of Travelgenio?

As I saw in the 1st Study of the Airlines Customer Satisfaction we published last year, almost the 68.04% of travelers are waiting for prices they consider acceptable or excellent before booking. That may be, then, the key. Our goal is to continue to providing good services at very competitive prices, without forgetting the customer service and their final satisfaction.

Is the final satisfaction that important?

Of course. It is what differenciates one travel agency from others. Our goal is always the customers’ final satisfaction, as it has always been. With the extended hours of the customer service and the creation of new jobs, we intend to give a better service to all our operations and to give our customers peace of mind that Travelgenio is the trusted agency that will solve any problem if it occurs. Our intention is to get the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers in each of the reservations made through our search engine.

Airlines are also selling online, without intermediaries, everyday you can find more and more online travel agencies willing to offer cheap prices… How can we understand these?

It’s curious how in just a few years the habits have changed. As we check in Study I mentioned before, currently, 70.47% customers acquire flights through online travel agencies versus the 25.83% who does it directly from the airlines.

If the price is the most demanded thing to decide the booking, the low cost will have it easier, right?

The final positioning of the low cost airlines on short-haul and medium haul has become strengthened even against large traditional companies. We see everyday more reservations in Travelgenio for their tickets. At least, they are the present.

You have edit a book called Destinario that is free available for everyone…

Yes. We are convinced that, through all the destinations we propose in Destinario, any traveler will find the idea for an unforgettable trip.  This book has been a challenge for us. From the very fist moment we wanted a quality book, of course with all the respect for the destinations and readers, and trying to give any type of traveler the place on it. Travelgenio opted for editing this travel book with the convinction of quality, the same we try to do in our day to day.

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