Just a few days before the US elections

IMG_20151125_162927The entire world has its eyes turned to USA to understand what is happening the days before the Presidental Elections. After a hard and scandal previous campaign, finally Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will do their best to own the American votes next Tuesday.

While everything get prepaired for this electoral party, markets are expecting the different results possibilities to act from next Wednesday. It is well known that the doubtfull is not helpfull during the economic features, so markets are loosing money during these previous days.

It is happening in US and also in Europe, where the exchange markets are suffering massive sales in case Trump and his politic guidelines arrive to the White House.

Investors are moving their products because they prefer cash before the elections.

We do know that, during next days, all the surveys will set fire to the headlines. By now, we are going to live one of the most fighted elections during the last years in the USA so nothing can be said for sure by now.

Wall Street is also prepairing the reaction to the different possibilities of the elections. Depending who finally arrives to the most important government in the world, the economics will turn to one side or the other in terms of investment and also in terms of a different economical politics than the ones promoted by the Obama team.

The election investment strategies are changing during these weeks the daily results of the markets and, all the doubts are creating a little mess for the little investors that don’t know how to assume the different sceneries that can start on next Wednesday.

Moreover, the finantial news and rumours are not giving good headlines after the Federal Reserve announced that the interest rates are not going to change….by now.

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