EscociaIf you happen to be a true nature lover, you must choose your destination sensibly. This is because you wouldn’t be impressed by the bling that attracts the ordinary traveler. The sight of mountains or blue water, the smell of the first morning breeze or the pitter patter of rain drops is enough to turn your trip truly spectacular. For this reason, it is a must to choose your destination sensibly.

Here are some of the attractions nature lovers would love to visit.

1. Lake District, England

The Lake District National Park is England’s largest and truly one of a kind. If you fall for nature, you’d be pleased to make your way to the stunning Lake District which is all about the nature.

Apart from enjoying the water sports, there are plenty of more activities when you visit the Lake District. As you walk outside, you’ll experience the most breath taking space in England. It is also home to exotic wildlife that disguises themselves in the stunning vistas.

If it’s a family break, you’d be pleased to enjoy the endless outdoor fun at the Lake District. It’s the perfect spot to walk, read, write, paint and relax!

2. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s largest tea region are surely one of a kind. Because the climate is relatively cooler than the other destinations, it is the perfect cultivation ground.

People who make their way to Cameron Highlands love to enjoy the refreshing walks, away from the heat. The Boh Tea Gardens are arguably the most famous attraction. Apart from that, the Rafflesia Tour, strawberry farms and the endless hiking trails of the highlands are truly appealing for the nature lovers. Whether you wish to take a guided tour or explore the surroundings on your own, Cameron Highlands are a treat for the nature lovers!

3. Scotland, England

If you are a green panther, Scotland is the perfect destination for you to visit. Millions of people visit Scotland because of its inspiring landscape. The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh are the finest gardens in the world with plenty of space to relax and feel the peace. On the banks of Loch ness, you’ll experience the most beautiful sights of Scotland. The Urquhart Castle located nearby adds to the fairy-tale setting of the lake.
If you wish to experience the skyline of the capital, Edinburgh Castle is the perfect place to be.

4. Utah, United States

Because of its timeless beauty, Utah is among the most amazing places for nature lovers. One of the most visited attractions is the Bryce Canyon National Park. From horse riding to the adventurous hiking trails, it is truly a treat! If you enjoy both nature and history, the Zion National Park is what you must not miss out. If you wish to move away from adventures and make your way to a peaceful place, the Park City is truly a heavenly spot. Whether you wish to walk or simply lie down, you’ll have the time of your life!

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