The Love Doctors Offers Lovers a Guide to a Better Relationship

No one can explain it better than the experts themselves. The Love Doctor has an everyday blog about different relationship scenarios and tips to make a relationship work.

Port Lincoln, South Australia — (SBWIRE) — 09/09/2013 — Apart from the books, videos, counseling services and other products offered by The Love Doctors, informative blogs about relationship and recharging everyone’s love life are also available. The blogs contain expert advice on relationships and how to rekindle the lost romance between partners.

One of the Love Doctors, Alex Ryan, observed that most clients don’t have enough knowledge about relationships that’s why an idea came to write a book entitled Heads Up: Understand Your Emotional Mind. It was then followed by the publication of Spicy Bedroom Recipes (updated in 2013 as ‘Love Bites: Recipes for Romance’). But for those who are always on the go and would need to free one’s schedule first before a book can be read, reading a blog would be a perfect alternative. The blogs come in different topics and readers just need to browse over the subject that would fit on one’s recent situation.

The Love Doctors are the best psychologist Adelaide and it is reflective on the comments of thousands of customers and followers. Reading the blog article of the day would only take five to ten minutes but the lessons learned would surely last and would be applicable in everyday living.

Gone are the days when there are no sufficient help to have to resolve and save relationships. Psychologist Adelaide in the name of Love Doctors is here to provide support all throughout the process.

“If someone knows the intrinsic details of love and psychology, and how both of them go hand in hand, to support a happy and healthy relationship, then it’s Dr Alex and Marie Ryan. They have a deep sense of understanding of why we react the way we do, especially in all things love, and I sincerely valued their input and teaching.” —Natasha, Golden Grove

“Alex and Marie have amazing insights for all things relationships. Their work is easy to read, contains common sense strategies, and I respect their knowledge on the subject and always enjoy talking to them.”—Brian Keen, Brisbane

About The Love Doctors
Dr. Alex Ryan holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Adelaide (2000) and is an expert psychologist Adelaide when it comes to relationships, counseling and coaching. He is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and a long-standing member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Meg Ryan has a Bachelor of Applied Science from RMIT, graduate diploma in secondary teaching and post graduate certificate in educational studies.

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