Outdoor places to celebrate the 2016 arrival

2015 is getting to its last days. There are many countries that enjoy celebrating in family the end of the year, but there are others that preffer to make a party in some of the popular city spaces.

It is the case of NYC. Many people enjoy the last minutes of the year and welcome the new one in Times Square. This square is one of the most famous images of the world. Thousands of newyorkers and tourist wait until the ball starts coming down at 00.00.

The truth is that the party here starts at 17 hours and everyone is enjoying and meeting people from all the world. This tradition started in 1908 and, since then, every year is the same. Joy, entertainment, lights and party in one of the most photographied meters of the world.

But this is not the only place. In Spain, there is the grape tradition. While the 00.00 clock starts its ringing, everyone must eat a grape following the sound rhythm. The Plaza del Sol, in Madrid, is one of the most popular places to celebrate the arrival of the new year and thousands of people from all over the world share the joy and partie that begins here.

Paris preffer to enjoy the views of the fireworks that decorate that night the Eiffel Tower. The Mars Fields are the perfect place to enjoy this sightseeing and it is becoming an interesting tradition for Europeans and tourists. What can be better than to see this marvellous iron monument from the very first moment of the new year?

Talking about London, the Thames, the Big Ben and the London Eye are the best places to see also the unique fireworks that welcome the new year. OF course, being in London during these dates is a present for all the senses.

It depends on you….what would you like to do next 31st of December?

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