Nice after the attacks: less tourism as the main consecuence

A week ago we were all astonished after the last terrorist attack in France. A track killed 84 and hurt more than 100 people in an infernal way through the English Promenade in Nice while they were watching the fireworks that conmemorate the 15th of July, a national festivity in France.

The consecuences are clear: tourism is cancelling the trips. While Nice was one of the main destination for travellers that wanted to explore the Cote d’Azur, one of the most luxury areas of France. Meanwhile, France is the most visited country in the world with almost 84 million tourists that arrive, each year, to its geography.

With the Paris attacks and now the Nice ones, there have been almost a 5% cancellation in hotels, while the car rental has also decreased against the car sharing.

We just have to take a look to the results in France. All the stablishments and reservations were about a 15% down after the Bataclan terrorist attacks.

This are bad news for a country that is showing, following the experts declarations, insecurity in its streets. We do know that terrorism is not easy to stop when the actions are like the ones that Europe is suffering by now, but the truth is that countries in the Old Continent are suffering this insecurity in their own skin.

The only country that seems to beat records is Spain. The rest of the Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy, Tunisia…) are also loosing their tourism agains this country, that is said that will again increase their own 74 million tourist record if we talk about all the geography, including both the Canary islands and the Baleares ones.

Nice, with Montecarlo and Monaco were the three pillars of a different type of tourism in the south east of France, where boats and luxury were mixed with the beautiful people.

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