Group of Clinical Neurologists Led by Wolf Muellbacher Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Their Stroke Recovery Project

Transcranial magnetic stimulation helps recovery from stroke, but it is not widely available. This team wants to make it more available to reduce the burden of stroke.

Wien, Austria — (SBWIRE) — 09/09/2013 — After stroke, many people are often left with severe physical impairment and major handicap. To date, there exist no effective strategies to help people in recovering and improving their quality of life. During the past few years, brain stimulation with magnetic pulses (transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS) has been shown to help recovery and improvement of function. However, there are only a few institutions that use this procedure for their patients.

Here, the team led by Wolf Muellbacher will further establish this technique and aim to collect and publish all relevant patient data to help promote TMS in a wider population of stroke victims, and to help other institutions in implementing this technique to reduce the severe burden of stroke.

In recent years, a number of clinical trials on brain stimulation has been published worldwide showing efficacy in stroke recovery. However, this technique is not widely available, and many people after stroke are left untreated. This team plans to invite chronic stroke victims to undergo a TMS protocol, and they want to make all relevant patient data available to a broad medical community. They hope that with funding help, many more stroke sufferers can gain access to this promising intervention. All interventions will be conducted under rigorous clinical control and will be performed in accordance with the ethical standards and the declaration of Helsinki for treating chronic stroke patients.

Funds raised via this campaign will help to recruit chronic stroke patients, treat them with TMS, invite specialists for teaching, and publish the data in peer-reviewed journals. Once established, international health care providers will be able to promote this procedure for a broader community, and help to reduce the worldwide burden of stroke.

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